Simple Solution Washable Diaper, X-Small


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New and improved with a more absorbent core and better fit! Microfiber, lightweight fabric with repositionable closures and a tail hole for ultimate comfort. Perfect for preventing messes from females in heat, incontinence and excitable urination.

Key Benefits

  • Washable dog diapers are made from a microfiber fabric with repositionable closures for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Each washable diaper has a moisture-wicking liner. This fabric pulls moisture away from the body, protecting the skin and coat.
  • Perfect for dogs with urinary incontinence, dogs in heat, excitable urination, and traveling.
  • Washable dog diapers have a super-absorbent microfiber pad and a plastic liner for leak protection.
  • For added protection use with Simple Solution Disposable Liners


Slip your pet's tail through the hole and position the diaper between her back legs so that it is snug against her underbelly. Adjust the diaper wings up towards her back and position for a secure fit. For male dogs, use the next larger size or try Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps.


This item is designed to be used solely by pet parents for hygiene of their dogs. This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of both children and animals. Discard if any part is damaged, loose, missing or exposed.

 Size          Waist Length     Pet Weight        Example Breeds

 X-Small              9 to 14 inches                 4 to 8 pounds                 young puppies, toy breeds



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Simple Solution Washable Diaper, X-Small

Simple Solution Washable Diaper, X-Small

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